Raregram is the First Mobile Cross Platform NFT & DeFi Ecosystem.
Create, sell, share, or collect digital items right from your mobile device and tokenize it just with one click. NFT & DeFi for everyone.
User friendly, easy to use NFT marketplace
No programming skills required
Tap & Play
Start your digital collection 
Comming soon to device near you 
$RGM Token Airdrop
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$RGM Token & Raregram NFT Ecosystem
Tokenomy is based on the $RGM Token, which allows users to have more fun, engage in network governance, and receive more token rewards by participating in the project. However, staking $RGM on the Raregram pool can also win you $RGM Tokens.
Only $RGM Token holders will participate in special closed auctions
Raregram will host special closed auctions. Only $RGM holders will be eligible to get these great opportunities to participate in these events. 
Burning $RGM Token
We will buyback and burn $RGM token from the commision that we will receive from each sale on the platform.
100000 $RGM token holders will receive VIP status .
Staking Pool
Raregram users can stake assets to earn $RGM Tokens. By staking $RGM you will get the highest return.
Pay fees with $RGM
All fees on the platform, including trade fees, auction fees and listing fees will be discounted when you pay in $RGM token.
Be on Top 
Only $RGM holders will be able to promote their listings on the platform. 
How to Join Raregram IDO (Initial Dex Offering)
Step 1
Step 3
Step 2
Proceed to Decentralized Exchange.
Unlock Your Wallet to 
Make a Purchase.
Enter the Amount that You Want to Buy.
Raregram Finance
Create NFT with ease
Create NFT's with only one click. Set a price and start earning. The NFT auction will let you earn more.
DeFi Farming
You will be able to earn yield on staked RGM token. Earn up to       100% APR.
You will be able to earn yield on staked RGM token. Earn up to 100% APR.
Raregram All-in-One Wallet
Store your coins, tokens, and collectibles in one place. Choose financial products created just for you.
Tokenomics RGM
Total Supply RGM
Total Supply
50% RGM Tokens
Reserved for Rewards
50% RGM Tokens
Reserved for Rewards
Governance with RGM
$RGM Tokens should be obtained from the exchange or earned by active participation on the platform. On every NFT sale on the platform, the seller and the buyer will split rewards 50/50 each. Both sides will get $RGM when they buy or sell any piece of arts listed on Raregram. $RGM Tokens also can be earned by staking $RGM on the Raregram pool. 

- NFT App Idea Development
- Project Structure Development

-  Presale
-  Initial Dex Offering
-  Fundraising
It is all Starting Here
-  Cross Platform NFT Application
-  Tokenomics
-  DEFI Integration
Development Stage
- Raregram Launch on all
- Listing to the Main
Official Launch
To the Moon!
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